PPC Services: Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Bruce Clay, Inc.’s full-service program for PPC management is a continual process for optimizing the effectiveness of paid search campaigns and the efficiency of account spend. Using the PPCToolSet™, our proprietary PPC tools and reporting suite, a dedicated paid search analyst is your search marketing manager, adjusting account structure, keywords, bids and budget across channels, and making technical and strategic recommendations in reports to you.

PPC management is just one of the online marketing services Bruce Clay, Inc. provides. A major benefit to having your paid search marketing campaigns run by an Internet marketing agency with multiple service offerings is that you have access to an all-star team of specialists in SEO, content marketing and social media. Based on the changing needs of a project, we pull in marketing specialists from across the Bruce Clay, Inc. team to help guide your business to a holistic and highly visible online presence.

Delivering Return on Investment for Your PPC Campaigns

When we say full-service PPC management service program, this is what we mean:

  • Defining campaign strategies: To start, we'll define campaigns and ad groups set up or look at and adjust existing set-ups.
  • Researching and selecting keywords: Beginning with your existing PPC keywords or from square one, we perform keyword research to ensure the campaigns are targeting appropriate keywords.
  • Developing ad creative: Compelling and effective ad text, including title and descriptions, attract searcher attention with a unique selling point and call to action.
  • Testing and optimization of ad creative: We continually test new ad creative (titles and descriptions) and revise calls to actions in order to improve ad performance.
  • Landing page conversion optimization: Our ads send users to relevant landing pages to help maximize conversion rates after a click-through.
  • Tracking campaign conversion: We work together with our clients to generate codes to aid in tracking conversions from PPC campaigns.
  • Managing PPC account settings: We are experts in adjusting and monitoring account settings such as daily max spend, match type, countries and more, to maximize business goals. The PPCToolSet CPA Optimizer adjusts the CPC bid to achieve the highest ROI through improved campaign inefficiencies.
  • Monthly reporting and analysis: We provide clients with and end-of-month analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions and performance trends. We discuss each month's activities and provide recommendations for any changes and next steps.