Industry-Leading PPCToolSet™ Pay Per Click Bid Management Software

Bruce Clay, Inc.'s powerful PPCToolSet automates some of the most common tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with data gathering, CPA optimization and analysis. The PPCToolSet recalibrates paid search campaigns efficiently and automatically 48 times each day allowing your PPC manager to launch, manage and optimize paid search campaigns across all major search engines.

Advanced CPA optimization technology adjusts campaign settings to reduce the average CPA (cost per action) across your ad groups by recalibrating CPC bidding every half hour. Our client reports present data by daily, weekly and monthly results.


PPCToolSet: Search Features and Benefits

The PPCToolSet generates reports for PPC service clients that tracks keywords and ad creative performance across the major search engines, Google, Yahoo! Bing and even Baidu.

Bringing together all performance data for ad campaigns, the PPCToolSet assembles a clear report of available data. It can also be sent to automatically send reports via e-mail at clients' requests. Reports are easy-to-understand and incorporate demonstrative visual graphics that illustrate just how keywords, campaigns and the overall project is performing.

Day-to-Day Management: Editing and Modifying Made Easy

In PPC marketing there are many tedious but necessary tasks associated with tracking, optimizing and reporting on search campaigns. The PPCToolSet simplifies the tedious tasks across channels with single dashboard management. A number of tasks are made easier through the ability to manage all PPC campaigns in one place, including goals setting, budget setting, and adjustment of bids based on ROAS (return on ad spend) or cost per conversion. 

The cross-engine bulk editor allows for modification of campaigns and ad copy across all client accounts, eliminating the time-consuming need to tweak each account individually. This allows your PPC manager to wprk smart when it comes to your project.

Automation: Get Your Time Back

Utilizing the PPCToolSet's advanced automation processes and bid optimization algorithm allows Bruce Clay, Inc.'s PPC campaign managers to use their time on the tasks of PPC account oversight that requires creative and critical thinking. This allows your project to get the dedicated expert attention it needs to see the most success.

Setting rules related to cost per click, ad position, Quality Score shifts and changes in costs per conversion allow the PPCToolSet to perform designated actions when particular events occur. The PPCToolSet can also send alerts, pause campaigns and increase or decrease the cost per click. Smart automation sets the account manager up for success by letting us focus on data analysis.

Optimization: Look at the Sum of All Parts

It's never been easier to identify top-performing keywords and ad copy, as well as those that are harming overall ROI. With the Optimizer (a powerful module included in the PPCToolSet), account management becomes free of stress and worry.

Campaigns rapidly improve as PPC managers modify campaigns based on data from the PPCToolSet. With the PPCToolSet, effort is rewarded and frustration is forgotten as data mining becomes streamlined and optimized. Withthe PPCToolSet, campaign goals are met sooner than ever.

Tracking: Integrate Data Seamlessly

Don't leave valuable data on the table; obtain a full picture of overall marketing performance with a consolidated view of all the data that is relevant to pay-per-click campaigns. The PPCToolSet's tracking integration makes it simple to to capture the full picture of each PPC campaign.

Featuring deep API-level integration with Google Analytics and DART for Advertisers, as well as integration with analytics vendors, tracking display, social media and phone calls, the PPCToolSet delivers every bit of data comprehensively – no import and export processes needed.

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