PPC Services with the PPCToolSet™ Bid Optimizer and Reporting

Shoppers and consumers look online for any and every need, so investing in search marketing just makes sense. But how do you make sure the cents end up in your business's favor? Bruce Clay, Inc. is the original search marketing expert here to manage your paid search accounts on the web's most trafficked properties. Using proprietary technologies, our experts optimize your business's paid search presence and report back to you on Google AdWords, the Yahoo! Bing Network and Facebook Ads. 

Announcing CPA Optimizer in the PPCToolSet

Our PPCToolSet, used to manage and optimize paid search campaigns, got a major enhancement in the just released CPA Optimizer module. This tool analyzes the current auction marketplace along with your indicated CPC and CPA, budget and and bids, competition, and return up to 48 times per day. Your dedicated paid search team manages your account activities and tells you what they mean. With Bruce Clay, Inc. PPC CPA optimization services you get the advantages of the PPCToolSet algorithm analyzing your campaigns at super-human speed, plus a resource staff to drive your projects, provide recommendations, and implement strategic and technical changes.

  • The CPA Optimizer has seen reductions in CPA between 40% and 80%
  • Bids are calibrated every half hour based on indicated target CPC and CPA
  • The CPA Optimizer algorithm works for all Google ad groups and media types

We drive your accounts so you don’t have to. This includes defining your campaigns and ad groups; establishment and monitoring of your PPC account settings, bid management and ROI tracking; the creation of compelling text ads; and advertisement submission. Wielding the powerful PPCToolSet CPA Optimizer we keep your campaigns running finely tuned, adjusting bids to maximize the return on each of your campaign keywords 48 times per day, effectively working to lower the cost per click. A 40 to 80 percent drop in our clients' CPA can't be overstated.

Get started maximizing the efficiency and ROI of your PPC campaigns today. Call us at 866-517-1900 to talk about a full-service PPC approach that works for you.